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Plasma fruit only comes in the mail if you've been bitten to become a vampire. Plasma fruit is not in the gift coding of the game as something you can receive as a celebrity. It is not true that vampire sims cannot die from sun exposure without the Seasons expansion. My vamp sim stayed out for something like 5 or 6 hours by accident and died from over exposure, turning into dust. Question for the admin?

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Is it possible for an alien to become a vampire? And or have hybrid children? Sims can only be one supernatural type at a time, so no aliens can't be vampires. I think the "crazy-fast-skilled vampire child" thing is Late Night only. I have supernatural and the vampire kids go a little faster than normal kids, but it's barely an improvement. Also the fast-skills vampire kids are pureblood vampires only.

Any human, fairy, werewolf, witch, ghost or anything other than vampires that sired a halfblood vampire kid will not get the benefits of a a pureblood vampire kid.

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I am getting Late Night in a month so I can confirm it later. The only way to get halfbloods is to use mods. The game doesn't create hybrids normally - you're either a vampire or you're not.

One of the patches was supposed to calm down the skilling done by vampires as well so it wasn't as fast. Ha ha,I just found out if your vampire ate garlic they would pass out for like, 30 minutes sim. Ive been trying to find a way to turn my vampire family into humans again and all i find is the thing about the science facility but i tried to do that and there is no option at all. I had something different happen. I whoopied with two women with same last name.

I didn't realize they were mother and daughter.

I turned the mother, but couldn't get a dialog to turn the daughter. When the daughter aged up from young adult to adult a few days later, she became a vampire. I can drink from her, but sometimes the option isnt there. Do you have to wait until theyre not 'drained' anymore? I own Late Night and I've actually managed to kill my vampires by exposing them to too much sunlight.

Just wanted to say that it is possible, since you stated that it's not. Max athletic skill There is a challenge which makes normal sims live longer It will make your vampire immortal however. I just found out that if you're in a group outing with a friend, you can't drink from them! This would be useful to list. It had all the vampire moodlets but I couldn't get the Sim to drink anyone's plasma.

How did this happen? Can vampires have a job like a normal sim? The reason why I ask that is because I'm thinking of making a vampire magician. Yes they can but remember unless you have Supernatural, you won't be able to spend long hours out in the daylight.

Can a werewolf and a vampire have children togethe..

If you're a vampire do you need to sleep in a coffin or can you sleep in a normal bed? And if you turn, does the food in your fridge to to plasma, and can your sim still make regular human sim food? So, my witch sim, Taki, married a vampire Sim, Ann, but for some reason, Taki got the opportunity to forsake her witchitude, but she asked Ann to forsake vampire multiple times and Ann never got the opportunity, is this something to be concerned about or do you guys have it too?

Don't forget to add that plasma fruit can be grown from seeds, they have a red pulsing glow. My sims have found many seeds in the Supernatural Town I forget what it's called. How do you find plasma fruit? Or just aquire it? I went to the grave yard thinking it'd be there I found nothing but a few alka root seed things.

I can't find it I'm the stores. How are you making them vampires? If you're using CAS cheat it doesn't work.

Re: for the sims 3 supernatural my sim is dating a vampire but

I have Ambitions, Late Night and Generations altogether. I raised a sim from tteenager to young adult and made him a Vampire. I had one son before turning in and one right after he was turned. So, first son is ok and the second one is a mastermind he got logics on one day, charisma on one day, and the driving skill in one hour. Anyways, I feel there should be only one genius son the middle one and my third son should be a natural one.

I want to have him but I need my Sim to go back into human. Even though I already bought the potion, Sim gets stuck with potion in hand when I ask him to turn back. He just stays there forever while the rest of the world keeps running. I wondered if there was any cheat thay could unvamp him?

I looked in town and there is only one vampire, and he isn't hot. Can i like create a vampire in make a sim. A note regarding Plasma fruit seeds: I have managed to find Plasma fruit seeds out in the world in one of my games, Sunset Valley. As stated in the guide, they are indeed Special grade seeds, but the Plasma fruit seeds carry an intermittent red glow to them. Trying to get my sim to change from vampire back to human.. The option shows up for me to cure vapirenes but when my sim comes out of the science lab they are still a Vampire.

As morbid as it sounds, I don't have much of a problem with replacing her, I'm just unsure if that would be against the rules since her and my legacy founder have already gotten married. I'd still like to solve the issue if at all possible. Playalot Global Moderator Watcher Posts: Dating and vampires seem to be a bit glitched.

BABY VAMPIRE ARRIVAL - The Sims 4 Vampires - Episode 3

There is an open bug report here click about it. It seems that dates at night with vampires might work as normal, perhaps a work-around you could try. The bugs around proposals are also a known bug.

Which you can read about in this post click Personally I always feel that it is totally in the spirit of a legacy to use a cheat to complete something that is actually broken in the game and otherwise should be possible. They're there to be followed. Registered members do not see ads on this Forum. I tried your suggestion of starting the date at nighttime and it's functioning normally as far as I can tell. I guess that's fitting for creatures of the night? It's a little strange, but I think I can live with it. I've used the milestone cheat before when the same aspiration was acting up- wouldn't register my sims as soulmates even though both their friendship and romance bars were maxed out- I was just hoping that there would be a way to get around doing that.

for the sims 3 supernatural my sim is dating a vampire but - Answer HQ

Thanks so much for your help! Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards The Sims 3: Late Night Expansion Pack Can vampires marry humans? I don't care if it hurts. I wanna have control. I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul Vampires can marry humans.