Pzkpfw. ii ausf. j matchmaking

So the matchmaking is different somehow? Because it's a T3 tank so how it "only" sees T4 doesn't make any sense? Did they give it "scout" matchmaking or something? No, it simply only sees Tier 4 games.

Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J MM Scam!

You won't see tier 5's because that would be cruel, and you won't see 2's since they see tier 3 max. Just 3's and 4's all day erry day. I was actually considering renewing through WoT to get it.

I have it on Blitz and it can be top tier there. You have to spam prammo I have no standard ammo loaded at all but the results are hilarious, it's a sealclubber's dream.


Panzer II Ausf. J (VK 16.01)

The other day I ran it with a loss obviously. We just had the Japanese line introduced and there were two Ke-Nis as last two tanks on the enemy team. The poor fellas had less than battles together and were bombarding me with their shell to absolutely no avail - I did have some small regret about trolling them so hard: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. News, Pictures, and Videos. At least 25 of this model were produced from March through July The first true production model, the Ausf.

A , included an armour upgrade to It entered production in July and was superseded by the Ausf. B in December , which introduced only minimal changes. A few minor changes were made in the Ausf. C version, which became the standard production model from June through April A total of 1, examples of Ausf.

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These models were almost identical and were used in service interchangeably. This was the most widespread tank version of the Panzer II. Earlier versions of Ausf. C have a rounded hull front, but many had additional armour plates bolted on the turret and hull front. Some were also retro-fitted with commander's cupolas. With a completely new torsion bar suspension [7] with four road wheels, the Ausf. D was developed as a tank for use in the cavalry divisions. Only the turret was the same as the Ausf. C model, with a new hull and superstructure design and the use of a Maybach HL62TRM engine driving a seven-gear transmission plus reverse.

The design was shorter 4. A total of 43 Ausf. E differed from the Ausf.

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D by having lubricated tracks, only seven chassis were ever completed. Continuing the conventional design of the Ausf. F superstructure front was made from a single piece of armour plate with a redesigned visor.

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Also, a dummy visor was placed next to it to confuse enemy gunners. There was some minor alteration of the suspension and a new commander's cupola as well. Weight increased to 9. From March to December , were built; this was the final major tank version of the Panzer II series.

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Based on the same suspension as the Ausf. E tank versions, the Flamm also known as "Flamingo" [8] used a new turret mounting a single MG34 machine gun, and two remotely controlled flamethrowers mounted in small turrets at each front corner of the vehicle. The flamethrowers were supplied with litres of fuel and four tanks of compressed nitrogen. The nitrogen tanks were built into armoured boxes along each side of the superstructure. Total weight was 12 tonnes and dimensions were increased to a length of 4.

Panzer I Ausf. F

A FuG2 radio was carried. B which differed only in minor suspension components. One hundred and fifty-five Flamm vehicles were built from January through March These were mostly on new chassis, but 43 were converted from Panzer II Ausf.

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  6. Tank Encyclopedia.
  7. A light reconnaissance tank, the Ausf. The Luchs was larger than the Ausf. G in most dimensions length 4. Total vehicle weight was It had 30 mm of armour on the front of the hull and 20 mm of armour on the sides and back and the same on the turret. It would accommodate 4 crew members, the commander gunner , driver, loader and the radio operator. The prototype utilized an Ausf. B tank chassis, but it was quickly realized that it was not sufficient for the mounting. A new, longer chassis incorporating an extra road wheel was designed and built, named the Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II.

    This was not high enough to give full protection for the crew while manning the gun, although they were still covered directly to the front by the tall gun shield. Only 12 were built in November and December The only chance you have to damage this tank frontally if you cannot go through 70mm of armor is the green view ports that have 0 armor assigned to them. For tanks that can penetrate the 70mm armor sections stick to the two boxes on the frontal hull highlighted in yellow since they are only 70mm thick and have no angle on them.

    If you can go through 80mm of armor reliably then the large lower glacis is very flat and easy to damage, as well as the two rectangles on the gun mantlet that have o armor behind them. The easiest way to damage a Pz. J is actually on the side instead of the rear of the tank, like most tanks. This is because the side and rear armor have the same armor thickness, however the side armor is flat and contains more weak spots. Avoid shooting the hull armor covered by tracks and also the frontal turret armor since it is angled.

    If your tank still has difficulties penetrating the side armor if you are a tier 2 or low penetrating tier 3 then it is not worth the trouble flanking to the rear of the tank. Either run away from the Pz.

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